The gifted can also be stuck in a loop unable to untangle themselves. Such is the story of Tara. Her journey shows how problems, situations and people can diminish the light of even those destined to shine. Toxic partners can break our confidence, emotionally exhaust us, make us question our reality and trivialise our intuition. It takes Tara years to find the will to recognise the problem and find her faith to break through the shackles to recreate her life. Through this novel Vibha shows that between the omens, spirits and higher guidance, each of us has the wisdom to bring a shift and take the reins of life back in our hands. Each soul is gifted.
Choose your journey.

Print Length

242 Pages




Notion Press

Publication Date

30 August 2022

Blessed by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tara's story seeks to reach the world

“With my prayers for your constant well being, happiness and success.
Buddhist Monk, Dalai Lama”

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